The Public Procurement Appeals Authority commonly referred to as the PPAA was initially established in 2004 under the former Public Procurement Act No.3 of 2001(Repealed and replaced by the Public Procurement Act No 21 of 2004) (Cap 410).The recently enacted Public Procurement Act No 7 of 2011 has re-established the PPAA as an independent Appeals Authority under Section 88.

 The key objective of establishing the PPAA was to provide an independent avenue through which aggrieved bidders could submit their complaints where it was felt that they had been unfairly treated when participating in the public procurement process. This would allow the contested process to be reviewed and corrective measures to be put in place without having to go to the Law courts to obtain a solution. It is only where there are disagreements on points of law that court intervention would be required.

This would allow speedy decisions and lower costs while at the same time providing supplementary oversight.Establishment


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PPAA FORM No.1 (Statement of Appeal)

 PPAA FORM No.2 (Statement of Reply)

 PPAA FORM No.6 (Application for Extension of Time)

 PPAA FORM No.7(Application to Set Aside Exparte Decision)




 Appeals Rules 2014

 Appeals Rules ( Amendment) 2016

 The Public procurement act 2011

 The Public procurement (Amendment)       act   2016

 The public procurement Regulation 2013

 The public procurement (Amendments)       Regulations 2016



"To be a model quasi-judicial dispute resolution organ".



"To determine bidders’ appeals arising from public procurement and disposal matters in a fair and timely manner".

OUR MOTTO:Timely and Fair Appeals Dispensation